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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

3DHawaii.com launched on July 15, 2010 — we're about to turn two years old! We've posted hundreds of stories about all there is to see, do and experience in the Islands, and anniversaries are the perfect opportunity to revisit some of our favorites. Here they are.

Sky-High at Haleakala, Maui

The summit of Haleakala always leaves an impression, usually along the lines of... This can't be Hawaii! But it can and it is. And it's simply stunning. Most will go early to see the rising of the sun, a seminal event from that elevation (10,000 feet). But you can go at any time to enjoy the views and trails around the massive, inactive volcano. Nearly 1 million people visited last year.

Our post from July 19, 2011 >

'Hawaii Five-0' Reboot

With an enthusiastic fan following and filming techniques that vividly enhance the natural beauty of O'ahu, the new "Hawaii Five-0" series has been embraced by locals and visitors. We see them filming all over the island, from gritty urban Honolulu to palatial estates in Kahala and Kailua, to the verdant windward side and beaches and plantations on the North Shore. The show kicked off the filming of Season 3 with a blessing on Monday, the premiere will come some time in September (as will the return of our blog posts on filming locations).

Above, enjoy the Season-Two-ending "mahalo" to the fans. We continue to compile the top filming locations of the series, which you can visit in 3D. Check 'em out >

Let's Eat!

Hawaii prides itself on its food culture, which is truly unique in the world: a delectable mash-up of Pacific, Hawaiian, Asian and Portuguese flavors and cooking styles. Some of these fall under the banner of Hawaii Regional Cuisine, others are evolutions of plantation-style eating (such as the famous plate lunch), others are local-style twists of standard American fare.

Regardless, tasting your way through a community is a great way to learn about it. In that vein, we've produced "Food Trips" that let you explore regions and neighborhoods through your taste buds. Here are three of our favorites, but explore them all by searching for "food trip" on 3DHawaii.com. Also, an ideal way to sample among the broad variety of flavors and styles is to attend Honolulu's Eat the Street food truck event, held the last Friday of the month.

Food Trip: Lahaina and Beyond >
Food Trip: Waialae Avenue >
Food Trip: Haleiwa >

Will 'The Eddie' Go?

Few things get people in Hawaii as excited as a big swell. Add to that a big winter-season swell on the North Shore, and a swell that hits Waimea Bay with 20-foot waves (Hawaiian scale, or roughly 40-foot faces) between November 1 and February 28. When that happens, and it doesn't happen that often, "The Eddie" is held. And when "The Eddie" is held, don't expect people in Hawaii to be focused on much else.

The Eddie is the Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau surf meet, in which the world's best big-wave surfers compete to ride one of the world's most dangerous breaks. It was last held in 2009, but we came close — oh so close! — last year. Enjoy our post from that exciting day:

Our post from January 20, 2011 >

Top Picks for the Summer

Though we're based on O'ahu, part of the joy of the Islands is how distinct they are from one another — in many ways, it's like traveling to a different place, within the same place. So the posts that showcase those unique qualities are always the most fun to produce. Many of our visitors come during the summer (school's out!), and that was the subject of this post: Six things to do on 6 different islands with the family — but really, they're for anyone looking to have fun outdoors in Hawaii. Making the list: Makena Beach, aka "Big Beach" on Maui (video, above).

Our post from March 29, 2011 >

The Official 2012 Checklist

If you're going to just one island or plan to "island hop," these are the don't-miss destinations:
a pair for each of the six main Hawaiian Islands. How many have you checked off? One of our faves: The Polynesian Cultural Center.

Our post from January 10, 2012 >

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