Winding down at RumFire

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On Friday, I walked around Diamond Head, lounged and snapped photos at Duke's OceanFest and consumed more food and tea on the Veranda at the Moana Surfrider than one human should rightly pack in. How's a girl to cap that?

Happy hour, of course!

One of the gals who joined me for the Surfrider's high tea service was game, and another freshly off work was on her way to Waikiki – three makes a party. And it's not hard to find a party in Waikiki on a Friday, you just have to choose.

We started at Duke's Canoe Club because with OceanFest going on celebrating all things Duke Kahanamoku at Waikiki Beach, the bar was sure to be happening. As expected, it was packed with beach boys, competitors and contest watchers in abundance, along with the usual crowd who just love the oceanfront bar and restaurant.

We grabbed a round of Kona Fire Rock Ales, listened to the band and chatted up the competitors (my friend competed in the women's outrigger contest that morning). But with no where to sit and not a whole lot of elbow room (and ready for a little AC), we sought out RumFire, which was in the middle of its 4-6 p.m. happy hour.

Welcome to RumFire at the Sheraton Waikiki.

I hadn't been to the Sheraton's bar since a friend's birthday a couple years ago. I remembered it had an outdoor fire pit, a novelty for the southern shore of any Hawaiian island.

In the daylight I could better appreciate the styling and layout of the bar. It was full without being packed, and there was outdoor access on two sides to the Sheraton's pools and views of Diamond Head.

Loved the Sheraton's infinity pool. It's right next to RumFire.

View from the other side of RumFire.

So we were full – and by that I mean bursting – from the scrumptiousness of the Surfrider's high tea, but I hear good things about the pupu (appetizers) there. You can get snackables like edamame (soy beans) and garlic or smoked sea salt fries for $4 and $5, or heartier fare like chicken wings, pulled kalua quesadilla or BBQ rum baby back ribs for $6. A nice selection of draft beers for $3, and their signature cocktails were on special for $5.

RumFire's known for its cocktails, so we ordered up the Gidget's Crush (Skyy citrus vodka, DeKuyper watermelon liqueur, fresh lime juice, splash of lemon-lime press), which was super refreshing after a sun-filled day, and the Dragonfire Cooler (Bacardi Dragonberry rum, cranberry, fresh lime juice, and two dashes of hot sauce on the rocks), which had an excellent kick – definitely recommend it for the Bloody Mary fans out there. Lots on the menu looked tasty, though: The caipirinha, the sexy wahine. If you go, holler back and tell us what you had.

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