Lazing away at Kailua Beach

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A friend I grew up with on the windward side of Oahu came home for the holidays. She's spent the last 20 years living in Seattle and enjoyed a break from their cold, rainy winter. Twenty years must have removed her from the experience of living here, though — she asked if people here get cranky when the holidays are over.

"You know, January and February, nothing to look forward to, really..."

I gave her a look that immediately made her laugh. It's kind of a crazy thing to ask someone who's in Hawaii. What would we get cranky about? The holidays end and the next weekend we go to the beach.

The north side of Kailua Beach, near the Kailuana access point.

Case in point: On Sunday we had a postcard day with light breezes and temperatures in the upper 70s. I don't spend much time on the north side of Kailua Beach, but several friends with kids were making a day of it there, near the Kailuana access point. It's close to the home where President Obama and family spent the holidays.

I definitely recommend it for families: There's a fun shore break that's not especially dangerous — always keep an eye out for the wee ones, though — and a nice surf break with steady, if small, sets. Great for beginners on longboards or stand-up paddleboards.

Surfers wait for the next set. It was glassy, clean, small — and super fun. I caught a few.

Looking south: You can see the "Mokes" — the Mokulua Islands just off Lanikai.

Our gaggle of kids plus Poke the dog (pronounced "poh-kay" after the raw fish treat) get ready to do some serious splashing.

Beach-ready 21-month-old Marcello Palacios.

The kids watch the line up while enjoying lollipops.

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